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Community Development Trust

Arniston is one of the oldest traditional

active fishing communities in

South Africa with the

unfortunate conditions of being a lesser

privileged community.

The Arniston Community Development Trust exists to benefit the people of Arniston, providing students with

financial assistance to complete tertiary

studies for a brighter future. 

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The only requirement is admittance to a

university or some other recognised educational

and training institution.

Beneficiaries must show in their first year that they are willing and able to study and improve their skills.

In the years that follow, students are eligible for larger

bursaries and this depends on how

well they perform and how difficult the course is.

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Established in 2004, the Trust assists students from the Arniston community to complete their studies. It saw three student applications in its first year.


Since then, the number of students have grown rapidly. Only students

and/or prospective students from the

Arniston community and surrounding villages may apply to the Trust for help.

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Study Bursaries

Some success stories

Ilze Baatjies

Ilze is a member of the committee

that helps managing the bursary program of the Trust.


With support from the Trust, Ilze managed to pass her Education degree with distinction and is currently

the Principal of Waenhuizkrans Primer

Amanda Afrika

Amanda completed her BSc in Physiology and is currently a 5th year medicine student at Stellenbosch University.


Amanda’s brother, Dr. Wilhelm Afrika, was the first student who studied through the trust.

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Reagan Marthinus

Reagan is studying BIng

(Elekt en Elektron) (VGP)E at

Stellenbosch University.


He is in his second year.

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Stacey-Lee Davids

Stacey-Lee is in her fourth year at University of Western Cape.


She is studying

BSc (Medical Bioscience).

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